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NE12 6TN

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Minutes of 2018 AGM
Members present: 
G Martindale, C Heptenstall, J Hardisty, A Paige, S Culyer, B Anderson, B W Anderson, R Errington, R Peacock, S Robinson, M Rhodes, A Tait, G Dawson, D Lindsley, D Taylor, J Duell.
Apologies for absence:  
R Swinney
Minutes of last meeting (2017) had been emailed to members and were accepted as true.
Commodores report:           See note A
Secretary's report:              Sec note B
Treasurer's report:              See note C and C 1 
Race Captain’s report:        See note D
Our Race Captain Sid retired at this meeting and this position was taken over by Garvin Dawson to be ably assisted by John Hardisty. Good luck to them and many thanks to Sid for all his efforts. In appreciation of his good work and servicing the best looking marker buoys in the Northern District he was presented with a BOSS mug by our Commodore.
Emergency and contact forms were handed out to be tilled in Next of Kin, name of wife/partner and phone numbers. These will be kept in our drawers in the club house. Also passed around were forms giving the club permission to use members contact details when renewing membership to the MYA. these forms are to be kept by the Secretary of the club.
Election of Officers:  Garvin Dawson was proposed for the post of Racing Secretary by John Hardisty and seconded by Roy Peacock.  He was elected unanimously.  The remaining present Officers will remain at their positions but will stand down at next AGM. Anybody willing to take on these posts please contact them. They were also elected unanimously
Motions and Proposals: It was proposed that we look into having a defibrillator installed in the club house. This is to be looked into as they cost up to 1000. This will be brought up at the next lake users group meeting to see if money could be contributed by the council and other sections of the Users group.
It was also proposed that Derek Greener be made Honorary Life Member of this club for his many years of service to model yachting. This was unanimously approved by the meeting.
The point was raised about the fifty pence race fee. After much discussion it was decided that the race money would go into club funds for a rainy day emergency 
There was no other business and the meeting closed at 14. 15


  e-mail contact: href="">Club Secretary Nearest GPS location NE12 6TN