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Shown below are some handy ideas to help you with rigging, tuning the rig or building your boat.

Yet again I am indebted to Brain Anderson who has drawn to all our attentions Frank Russells tuning guide, link his site are shown here:  It looked excellent to me, but one should note that different designs work best when using different settings.  For example a very winde boat will be able to use a stiffer mast etc.  That said, this is a very good starting point if the boat's designer has not suggested any other values.

Brian's finished tie spacer, and alongside shown in use:  

To make device first cut base to required size. For 11 mm mast it should be 5.5 mm thick. Mine is 30 * 40 mm (only the 5.5 mm is critical for 11 mm thick mast).
I used balsa, 6mm ply is often 5.5 mm so would work well. Then cut the upright, in this case I decided on 2 mm gap, so cut wood into 40 * 30 mm. I had some 1 mm birch ply glued 2 together.

I cut a slot in the upright about 4 mm wide, 25 deep (leaving the bit to glue onto the base. Glue together - I used superglue


To use, thread sail tie material through sail eye / hole and feed one end under the mast.

Slide the device under the mast with the thread through the slot.

Now you can tie the thread as normal, several reefs work well


Slide the device out from under the mast and superglue the knots.

Cut off excess tie material.

That's it. Simples.


Thanks Brian, that's the end of matches for spacers for me. Of course, provided I don't accidently smash it.

Will 2 mm be correct? I'll know over a period of time. Ties tend to shrink, so it may not pay to make the upright too tight.

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