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Special Events
Corvid-19 pandemic is causing us to have to change the way we sail (or are not allowed to at times). As of 22nd Sept 2020 we may sail during organised club sailing provide we follow the guidance.  Below is a copy of the email sent to members   

Good evening gents

Having read in as much detail as I can the new covid-19 advice and rules, as well as those of the RYA and North Tyneside council’s questions and answers to their regulations, to my amazement it seems that we are OK to have sailing provided it is a club organised sail / race.

So having discussed the matter with Terry (Health & Safety officer), and Garvin (racing secretary) and Terry has contacted the council, from tomorrow sailing will be available for those who feel it is safe enough for them to do so at the normal times.  

Can I emphasise the following:

1.            We must only sail from the enclosed off areas except when launching and recovering.  More amazingly still, it seems we can have 13 members sailing provided we socially distance.

2.            The single most important feature is that you socially distance, which for most of the time while sailing is 2 metres.  I cannot emphasis too much the importance of this.

3.            A strong recommendation is that all members bring their own gel or washing facilities.  I do not want to open the loos any more, and that is where the club’s gel, spray and wipes are stored.

4.           Do not to handle other peoples boats.  If one does by mistake, the owner should be informed and both parties to sanitise their hands, and the owner should sterilise the parts of boat they touched.

5.            Use of sanitiser fluid where possible on gate parts into grassed area, ideally used every time someone opens the gate.  I will try to find some way of getting that available for members to use, but that often will not be possible.  If so, use your own gel after opening / closing the gates

6.            A record of attendance will be kept each sailing day. 

7.            It goes without saying that anyone who is thinking of attending must not be exhibiting Covid symptoms, e.g. High temperature, repeated dry cough etc.  Stay at home if you do exhibit any symptoms and please inform me and or the secretary if you do and have been at the club recently to help tracing if needed.

8.            Time spent in the car park is not meant for chatting on, sorry, even if socially distancing, even if you are socially distancing.

9.            Only a recommendation, but wearing a mask may be of help.

10.          Be aware that members of the public might feel very aggrieved as they are very limited in who they can meet / contact etc, while we may have 10 people sailing.  That might make for a very awkward situation arising.

Source documents:  (this is the MYA document if you have not already read it)

We will be reviewing the situation all the time as the rate of infection is bound to increase, with the increase in danger to us all and we need to be responsible.  On a personal front, I doubt if I will sail for much more than 2 weeks more.

Simon Robinson


  e-mail contact:Club Secretary Nearest GPS location NE12 6TN